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Who is Requited Love?

Requited Love was developed to help couples rebuild and re-create a more secure bond with one another. We believe that although love can be difficult at times, it shouldn't be MOST OF THE TIME!

With the basic fundamentals of communication we found that relationships can be easier. The Requited Love Game has been tried and tested! Although it may not be a Guarantee to completely FIX your relationship, it may however, help you and your partner to get started on a more positive path.

How does our apparel and merchandise relate to the game? Having the words Requited Love on our apparel, just feels right. It serves as a reminder to anyone who reads it that "Requited Love" means an equal, fair love. It can serve as a reminder for oneself or to others.

As for our Mugs of Love, they serve..(no pun intended), not just hot drinks, but as a friendly reminder that you and your partner are a team. Without one, there is no other. Requited Love may not change the world, but if it could influence a positive feeling and influence... it matters! And it matters, because YOU MATTER :)

Are you ready to become a Requited Love?



Requited Love Owner and Creator